Friday, June 29, 2012

Time Out

kissable nose
Hello kitties. What an exciting night I had. I got to explore our backyard. Mama and Papa left the screen door to the back yard open - they were waiting for feral Fuzzy and Gray-C to come and eat the food we place by the door for them. I got to mingle with the feral cats that I talk to and play with behind the screen door. They showed me the how to play hide and seek at the orchid garden. Grandmas cymbidiums are huge and kittehs can easily hide behind one pot. I got to listen more closely to the next-door neighbor's woofie who barks a lot at night.

hey buster - reading the sports page?
Buster - get away from the computer! You are in big trouble. You're still on TIME OUT!

Hello kitties Catmama here, our litle Buster gave us a fright last night. He slipped out of the house and partied with the ferals. He knew how to choose his timing. I was busy making truffles for the church fundraiser while catpapa was cooking pasta for his potluck at work today.

It was our fault for leaving a small opening to the screen door. We often do that since our fave ferals Fuzzy and Gray-C come all the way inside the screen door and eat their food. But last night, I thought Buster couldn't restrain himself.

I was multitasking as usual, making truffles (2 kinds) and watching the SF Giants game on tv. I didn't notice he was gone until Catpapa was cleaning up pots and pans and was asking if I'd seen Buster. Emma as usual was sitting on her rocking chair watching the Giants with me. I didn't pay any attention to his query. Afterwards, catpapa was all over the house yelling Buster's name. I could sense the urgency so I stood from my stool at the island where I was artistically crafting my truffles and joined in the search. We went around the house yelling his name. I opened the screen door - I closed it earlier - and screamed for Buster, but no reply. The ferals weren't in the backyard either.

Within 5 minutes, I see Buster standing in the step leading to the screen door. I opened the screen door waiting for him to get inside, but he chose to walk out further in the yard. I chased after him and carried him back to the house.

We gave him sermon and you know what kitties, he talked back to us!!!! Just because he turned 2 and now he's legit mancat he seems to want his independence.

He gave us a fright last night. Bad kitty.

When we went up to sleep, Buster went in between us and demanded his belly rub and head and neck scritches. Spoiled brat.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Just Being Cute

Just being cute.

I find mama watching me sometimes. She's always curious what's inside my head when I stay still like this. I'm not telling her, but between you and me, I'm just being cute.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sunbeams Part 2

Just a series of photographs mama took when they came home one day to find Emma and I soaking up the sun in the stairs landing. The stairs is facing the front door so when the humans arrive she started to take some pictures.

2012_03_18 010
Buster: Should I come down and greet them with a demand for a belly rub?
Emma: I'm baffing here.

2012_03_18 011
Buster: The carpet smells funny.
Emma: Mama missed her weekly vacuuming.

2012_03_18 013
Buster: I'm not moving away from the sun, it feels so good.
Emma: I can touch my nose with my tongue, yay!

2012_03_18 017
Buster/Emma: Is that Fancy Feast she's carrying inside?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Post-Injection Shots

2012_06_17 emmabuster 001
I felt poorly the first night. I stayed in my bed while mama and papa were busy working on the computer.

2012_06_17 emmabuster
Then she covered me with my towel, I still don't have a nip blankie so the towel served the purpose.

Mama was working on the computer and everytime she comes up for air, she would check on us. Buster was never in his "bed" - which is under the master's bed. He was uncharacteristically hanging out by the stair landing. Mama had to fetch him more than twice.

2012_06_17 emmabuster 003
He was feeling poorly too, so he just cuddled up with catpapa for this wonderful Father's Day shot.

We feel fine now. Our superb acting has resulted in tuna dinner, two days in a row :).

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunbeams Part 1

2012_01_21 002
Hello mama found that she has taken a few photos of us soaking up the sunrays, so she thought she'd share them with you. Not a very new picture, but not very old either.

2012_01_21 004
Here's a close up.

BTW, today we had our annual vaccinations. Oh kitties we had no inkling what the humans were planning. Until we saw the PTUs or is that what you call them? The humans call them the boxes.

Anyway, we don't like riding in cars so I cried like a baby. But mama rode in the back seat with my box on her lap and Emma's box next to her. She was giving us head rubs the whole way, which is about 3 miles from home. I cried the whole entire way. Mama kept saying, BE A MAN Buster. Don't be a crybaby. But I still cried. Emma kept quiet but I knew she was as freaked out about the car ride as I was. It was not an experience we want to repeat for more than once a year. Thank heavens, we only get poked once a year.

We behaved during the poking session, but once we were hauled to the car, I cried again. So mama let us loose in the car. And I still bawled like a baby. Mama said my cry was deep throaty cry that implies so much pain. She was more traumatized by the experience than we were.

Then we got tuna the moment we got home. Now we're both a little sluggish. They say kitties always feel a little sluggish after the vaccinations anyway. But mama and papa are quite worried. They say they have to see tomorrow if we are more like ourselves.

How was your weekend, kitties?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Helpful Kitteh

2012_01_21 005 by M'roy
2012_01_21 005, a photo by M'roy on Flickr.

This picture was taken at the beginning of the year, when the humans were putting away Christmas decors. Papa said to no one in particular to sit on the box and he'll go fetch the packing tape. Both mama and I immediately jumped on the box and stayed there for a few minutes. Little did we know, papa fetch more than a packing tape. He also went to get the camera to photograph us.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cats on Tuesday

Just Hanging. by M'roy
Just Hanging., a photo by M'roy on Flickr.

Just hanging. Takes too much energy to be a, sleep, smash bugs, poke at birds repeat process many times in the course of the day.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's Our First Blog Anniversary!

Yay, we have reached the first anniversary of this blog. We enjoyed a full year of sharing with you our activities and meeting so many of you. We cannot tell you how surprised we are at the joy of fellowship we have gotten from blogging. We feel that we know you. We overhear our humans talk about our kitteh friends before they go to bed, like it's part of their daily routine now.

Here's to all our friends for taking time to say hi to us. But we must give a monster THANK YOU to the wonderful Baker's dozen of KATNIP LOUNGE how were our first visitor/commenter and who was responsible for telling the catosphere that we exist.

2012_03_18 019
High Five to all the humans who did the kittehs bidding to blog and bloghop.

2012_03_18 021
Emma is basking in the glow of friendship and one year of blogging. Meow!!!!