Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm Not Fat.....

I'm not fat....

Sunday morning reading the ads, looking for good coupons for noms and treats :).

Hello kitties and humans.....

We're sorry for not visiting too much. My humans are getting ready to abandon us for a month to visit catpapa's family across the big pond. That means we'd be quiet for a long time while our secretary is taking a vacation. Don't worry, we will have other servants to cater to our needs while our regular servants are away. I've seen the sack of noms and the little bags of treats for us already. So, we'll try to get as much bloghopping as we can in the next few days. But the bags are not packed yet, so we beg your patience. We'll see you soon.

Buster (Emma too)


  1. We will moss you while your servants are away!

  2. We hope your humans have a safe and happy trip. WE sure will miss seeing both you and Emma.


  3. Well of course you're just fluffy. Cats are never fat.

  4. Wow, you are being abandoned for a long time! My human is under orders to not go away for more than a few days at a time... and even then, she is only allowed to leave reluctantly.

  5. We'll miss you two, but we hope your humans have a nice time.

  6. We're gonna miss you two! Tell the parents to have a safe trip and bring you back lots of prezzies. xoxo

  7. We'll miss you! And we wish your people a good trip!!

  8. We will miss you two! We hope your pawrents have a safe trip.

  9. That photo isn't very flattering though it made Mommy smile.
    We'll miss the both of you! We hope your parents have a good and safe trip. :)

  10. Make the most of the noms and treats cos you will get loads, just cos they feel a bit guilty lolol. I hope your humans have a great time!

  11. Make sure you hide some treats in case they run out while your servants are away.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Yes, you are just floofy! And floofy is good. :)

    We will miss you while your humans are away, but we hope they have a nice visit with catpapa's family!

  13. You are adorable, love your portrait!
    I'm here thinking of you both and I wish a great vacations to your family!
    purrs and love
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  15. Of course your NOT fat !!!
    Have a great vaccation :)
    Me and mommie will miss you :(