Monday, November 12, 2012

Caturday Morning Ritual

2012_08_27 EMMABUSTER 014
I like Caturday, because it's the day when Papa and I could cuddle in bed in the morning. He doesn't need to rush to work.

2012_08_27 EMMABUSTER 018
But Caturday is not all peace and calm, because Mama doesn't need to go to work either. So she has all the time in the world to introod with boys hang time.

2012_08_27 EMMABUSTER 015
I take revenge by nibbling on the camera strap.

2012_08_27 EMMABUSTER 017
And I givez her the tongue too.


  1. Totally appropriate, seeing how that naughty flashy box butts in on your Man Time!

  2. Your face is adorable~
    And it's very sweet of you cuddling with your bean.

  3. Oh Buster, that's a great way to spend a Caturday!

  4. We luv lazy Caturdays! But we luvs camera straps even better. MOL!

  5. Man time should be private time! Tell your human she needs to give that camera a break.

  6. What a great way to start Caturday! Doesn't your mommy like to cuddle with you in bed?

  7. Well, it's clear to me you two need a mancave!

  8. Buster, man time is good. But if Mom did not get a picture of it, how could we share it?

  9. Maybe Mom can find someplace else to sleep on Furiday nights? But if she didn't take these pictures, we couldn't see you ManCats having such a chill Caturday.