Monday, January 28, 2013

Mancat Monday

2012_09_30_2012 cats 031
Furry handsome.

Pee Ess, thought I'd post a picture of me wide awake. Don't want to mislead all the ladycats out there that all I know how to do is nap :)

Friday, January 25, 2013


2012_10_03 misc 046
I'd like to propose a nap to celebrate the upcoming Caturday :)

Answer to post below: When the fan hits her, she raises her head to make sure her neck area gets cooled off. Mama found this fascinating. She was watching her for a long time before she finally got the camera and started shooting. Each time it's hot and the fan is on, Emma would be infront and center of it and each time it hits her she does this. Very quirky isn't it?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuxie Toosday

Tuxie Toosday presents Emma.....

2012_09_30_2012 cats 023

2012_09_30_2012 cats 026

2012_09_30_2012 cats 027

2012_09_30_2012 cats 030

2012_09_30_2012 cats 029
EMMA: Can anybody guess what I was doing in the images above?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Plans for the long weekend?

What else but SLEEP!

Pee Ess....our mama regrets the fact that you all see her messy house (background).

Monday, January 14, 2013

We want cuddles

All kitties want cuddles with humans. Emma loves to sleep or nap or just rest between human's legs. If humans put their legs together, she will burrow her little tushy until there's a gap in between the legs.

Cuddling wif mama
Buster on the other hand loves to squeeze in between the humans. He also loves to have his pawpad massaged. He can sleep holding paws with humans.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

sleepy furboy
Nothing better to do on a cold winter day (even if it's California winter day) than to nap. ~ Buster

Put a sheet over the quilt to avoid getting all the cat hairs and cats know how to sleep under it and atop the quilt. It's hopeless. ~ catmama

******thank you for all the advice we got about emma's condition and for all the purrs. we're hoping for the best. i know it's not something critical but cat owners know that if there's something that ails their babies, it's critical :)*********

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Late Holiday Photos

Hello kitties, it's your pal Emma here.
2012_12_29 035
Mama was extremely busy over the Holidays that she didn't remember to take photos of the family against the tree this year. She was always doing something.

2012_12_29 038
So on Sunday, Dec. 30th, she had some free time and so did I. I was sunning myself by the tree when all of a sudden the clicking started. (Happy to report that this year we didn't have any ornament casualty)

2012_12_29 049
I couldn't wait for her to stop clicking, because the glint in her eyes show that there was no stopping her this time, and so I continued to do my ritual - baffing in the sun.

2012_12_29 055
And show her my yoga pose - I am very bendy (Phoebe of FRIENDS)

It was sometime later that mama remembered this is a 2-cat household and hollered for Buster to come from wherever he was at the moment. He did come and see what the yelling was all about.

2012_12_29 058
But the moment he saw the shiny box in mama's hand, his quick reflexes came into action and this is the only shot that mama could take. Sometimes, Buster has a mind of his own.


2012_12_29 034

Ever since I started feeling poorly and started taking medications, mama and papa bring me the antibiotic-laced tuna to whereever I am, and I'm totally milking this. I could really get used to all of these, the humans at my beck and call.

Anyway, my appointment with this lady vet (I like her) was on Saturday after I completed the second round of antibiotics to cure my suspected UTI. The first round showed some progress, I stopped peeing on the couch (see the newspapers on the couch, that's for my peeing). On the second round, which the humans and the vets all agreed to do since it was not going to harm me and would do me some good, I continued to frequent the kitty litter with small amounts of pee every time. I have always peed in small amounts compared to Buster since I was rescued. And then the unimaginable happened - I peed on the couch twice, which my humans took as a setback.

In addition, mama was a foot from my kitty litter when I visited it and let out a whimper, which took to mean to her that I was hurting.

And so on Saturday, in addition to the follow-up check-up that the vet performed, I also got an x-ray. It did not show any stones, although that didn't mean I did not have stones. There are stones that don't show on x-rays. Or they may just be crystals.

My humans are leaning towards more of homeopathic remedies. The vet has prescribed noms for me and additional round of antibiotics.

Our question is do you know of any nonsurgical way to remove/dissolve stones (in case I have any)? What other conditions would be associated with my symptoms do you know without the help of more costly diagnostic procedures?

Mama here......

Emma has not shown any other changes in behavior. She eats the same amount. She still cannot tolerate Buster. She goes about her daily routine. Although on her last vet visit, she was down by a couple of ounces, which the vet discounted, citing many factors for a loss of a couple of ounces, like if she peed before she got weighed.

Anyway, here's to healthy and happy kitties in 2013. Mwah!!!!