Friday, July 26, 2013

Caturday Update


O hai!

Mama and Papa are going away for a few days. We may or may not visit your blogs in the next couple of weeks.

But before they take a vacation, I insisted that we post this picture of mama and me.

Your buddy,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

We heard some good news today!

2012_12_22 011

Our humans' friend from church just adopted a new kitty. She named her Isadora Duncat! How happy for the human and the 4-year-old kitty.

The human lost her companion for many years, her kitty Ophelia was helped to the bridge a month ago. She was 20 years old. The human vowed to take a break from kitty companionship, but she couldn't help herself from visiting the shelter and look at kitties. This one kitty is 4 years old. She wasn't inclined to really get a replacement for Ophelia. But when she inquired about the kitty, the shelter people told her that the kitty's fate was in the balance because she was in the shelter for a long time and was not adopted.

When Mama's friend heard of this, no second thought was necessary. She had to save the kitty from you-know-what. She took her home and named her Isadora Duncat! Mama has not seen the kitty yet, but with a name like that I bet she's one graceful kitteh.

Happy news. Lonely human finds companionship and friendship with kitteh that no one would like to take home.

Aaah, what a beautiful Sunday. Thank you Ceiling Cat!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Profile of Baby Girl

2013_04_14 001

Just chilling, lounging, enjoying the 70-degree weather. TGIF everyone!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

We were mostly sleeping.

2013_02_23 006

The humans abandoned us for 4 days to commune with nature. Their words! We don't know why they need to leave the house to have fun and explore. They can just do what us kitties do when we want to explore and have fun. We run to the garage and play hide and seek in the boxes stacked high up and gather as many cobwebs in our whiskers as we can.

Mama is not happy that Buster ate way too much again. When people other than our humans are left to feed us, they don't adhere to our humans instructions on how much to feed. So mama was not happy. Serves her right for leaving us for four days!

We miss all our cat friends by the way. How have you all been?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Human says look in the camera.

So I did.....

2012_12_22 002

2012_12_22 003

2012_12_22 005

2012_12_22 004

To be honest kitties, I'm only pretending to be following orders. I saw some treats in the human's other hand.

Friday, July 5, 2013

We're Still Here


We are aware we haven't blogged since Toosday, but we're too busy getting scritches. Who has time to leave the spot when the papa gives good neck rubs.

Happy weekend to everyfurry.