Saturday, May 16, 2015

Five For Fifth!

Guess who's turning the big FIVE today? Our sweet and sour Buster of course. He's five years old today and I thought I'd share just five of a thousand favorite photos of him.

spooning with papa 2
My boy who likes to spoon with catpapa.

Has to be catmama's most fave pic.

2013_01_30 003
Hi, my name is Buster and I'm a box addict.

oakland museum 212
I love his pensive look.

His your-offering-in-bed-doesn't-make-me-happy look!

HAPPY HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY BUSTER. Niptini, cold cuts, chikkun and more are awaiting you. Door open all day, come on kitties help us celebrate Buster's birfday!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Buster! We hope you're having a catabulous day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Buster!!! Mommy has a sweet spot for the Ornj boys...and you are simply PURRFECT!

  3. Happy 5th Birthday, Buster! Looks like you're day is getting off to a great start.

  4. Happy birthday Buster. We hope you have a fabulous day. You are so cute all snuggled in with your cat daddy.

  5. Happy Birthday, Buster! We love the picture with your daddy. That is some serious snoozing.

    Jenna will be there soon. She doesn't want to miss the party!

  6. Happy Happy 5th Birthday Buster!!! Turning 5 is ohhhh so special!! Mom and I LOVE your photos! Love, Cody

  7. Happy 5th birthday, Buster! We lve you, pal, and wish you many more happy days and years to come. :)

  8. Happy Birthday Buster! Hope you have many more. You look marvelous.