Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We are back!!!!!

Hello kitties! Emma here. I have missed all of you. We have been gone almost a month isn't it? Well the humans went to visit catpapa's family in a land far far away. They encountered various delays including flight cancelation and layovers in two different countries. But don't fret, what doesn't kill can only make them strong. And stronger they were for facing adversity in this last trip.

Anyway, the trip was fun for the humans. Although they were texting and calling every family member wanting information about us. Naturally, the mama was very worried that I might be suffering from separation anxiety because well I had suffered from that case before. Buster was the least of her concerns, because he's easily adaptable and very sociable.

Then, mama's nieces came visiting and they are the types to use social media a lot. They sip coffee, they tell everyone on social media about it. You know the type. So when they came over (a few times really) they were ready with their Iphones to capture and broadcast everything.

And so I was caught doing the impossible things like this:

Comfortable snoozing with mama's niece.

Allowing my 6-year-old human cousin to play dress up with me.

And most of all, smooching mama's niece.

So when mama saw all these images on facebook, she and catpapa were surprised how sociable I was (other photos exists of me with other people too) plus the fact that even my human uncle who we ignore told mama how I jumped into his lap and slept there. Uncle told mama that he was unable to move for a long period of time because I was sleeping and he didn't want to wake me up.

All these images were grabbed from facebook. I hate facebook. I cannot lie about what I was doing while the pawrents were away anymore!

Thank you for the greeting cards Kitties Blues and Colehouse kitties!!!!!


  1. Glad your humans had a good time. Don't you just hate it when you get caught doing things like that!

  2. Emma you looked very content but I know you were very glad to see your Mama and Papa again!

  3. We are sure glad to see you, we've been missing you too but it looks like you were in good paws and well spoiled too!!!

  4. Glad the humans made it back safely... Been missing you. Hope you had a fuury goods Chrissymouse and a Happy Mew Year!

  5. We're glad you're back, Emma and Buster!

  6. We're glad you're back! And we're glad you kind of had a good time while your mom and dad were away. :)

  7. Emma, that is so awesome that you learned how to manipulate all those family members! Clearly you were their boss!

  8. You are certainly happy that she is back ! Although I sometimes ask myself if my cats miss me because they are so spoiled by my husband !

  9. I'm happy for you that you family is back together again. It does look like you got lots of attention while your humans were gone, so life was good.

  10. How adorable are those photos? I am happy your Mama got to see them (even if you WERE busted MOL, because she didn't have to worry!) Welcome back to your Mama and all of you! We missed you! Happy 2016!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  11. Welcome back- you were missed. I am glad you were well cared for even if you didn't want to be on Facebook. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of Stinky.