Friday, March 1, 2013

Furry Cute (Featured Cat of the Day)

These were taken in October 2012 in my backyard. There are 6 houses 3 on each side with the backyards facing the other's backyard, mine included. These 6 houses' backyards have become stray cats' paradise. Although one of the houses had gotten a big dog that they keep in the backyard, but still I find some cats coming from that backyard.

One day I was inside the house and saw this little kitty which I think is very very young; must be still breastfeeding; I have no experience with kittens so please feel free to correct me. I hurriedly grabbed my camera and stood in the kitchen and started shooting through the glass door; making as little noise as I possibly can so that I don't disturb this very furry loveable kitten.

2012_10_28 007

2012_10_28 006

2012_10_28 005

2012_10_28 003

2012_10_28 004
More to come. I am a compulsive shooter especially when photographing furry kitties.


  1. Oh, that is one cute kitten. I sure hope someone is getting those babies spayed and neutered, and being cared for (that dog sounds scary!).

  2. That kitten makes an excellent subject!

  3. What a cutie! And what meowmeowmans said!

  4. SQUEEEEEEE *faints at the cuteness overload*

  5. What a beautiful baby. Ditto on the spaying/neutering--hope there's a rescue group in your area taking care of them!

  6. That cute kitten is far too young to be outside by itself. It appears to be about 4 weeks old. If the mother or owner cannot be found please take it to the shelter because it is at high risk of being killed by all kinds of animals, including other cats. Kittens need to be nursed by their mothers for about 8-10 weeks.