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Oh no, this is our first post of 2023? We don't know who else is here, but we just thought we'd bring you up to date.

We have very sad news. It has been months but the humans are still reluctant to say the words aloud. It still bring so much pain to them.

Dear friends, our dearest Emma had crossed the bridge on Feb. 25, 2023. One of the toughest things our humans had to do was let her go.

Here are her last photos (we took photos in the ER, but that's for our eyes only).

These were taken on the night of the 24th. I had no clue she was going to leave us just hours after these were taken. She was here, and gone in a blink of an eye.

Our Buster was quite loss the first few days. I noticed him walking around the house aimlessly, or was he looking for Emma? He had this inquiring look about him. I knew he wanted to know why his sisfur had not come back. Silly you say, but I told him that she had crossed the rainbow bridge and how sad we were for her loss (he's a good listener). And the first few days, Buster was doing the things Emma was doing for us, activities which he never did before. Things like making sure he sat on my lap every evening (not a lap kitty) and my curfew police who comes down to fetch me for bed at exactly 10:30 pm.

However, I think he's gotten the hang of being an only child. It had done him some good too. Emma was a grazer. She loved to eat small snacks throughout the day. Buster copied everything Emma did, but unlike her, his meals were never snack portion. These days, he's doing better with meal portion, because there is no other bowl to steal food from.

I will try to keep the blog going. In the meantime, I've been TNR-ing and RTF-ing the ferals in my care (the neighborhood's care) and eventually would love to transition to be a foster mom. A co-worker is convincing me to be foster just like her. Let's see how my schedule works with fostering.

Not to be outdone, here's a couple from Buster.

Buster also had raised his sweetness level. He cuddles up to sleep with me since Emma left. A thing he never did. It was Emma who cuddled up with me at bedtime.

I miss my Emma, but I am very thankful for the 13 wonderful years she had with us.


  1. Those are the most special of pictures. I am sure they will be as cherished as your happy memories. We are sorry to hear of Emma leaving this world for her new life. I am sure she will have a good rebirth. It is lovely to hear that Buster has stepped up and into the huge space left by Emma. And that he and you are doing well. Fostering seems a wonderful way to pay forwards kindness and love. It creates great karma too, which will reward you both, you three, in the lives to come. Keep on blogging, it is great to share life and living with cats.

  2. It is with sadness that we have read that your beautiful Emma crossed her Rainbow Bridge, your thoughts and words for these times that have gone by now without her ring so true. A new way to move through each day, memories of her lingering all around. Nothing is silly in dear Buster's manner, we have seen our own kitties deeply mourn the loss of their companions, both their furry ones and sadly their human ones. Yet as these days pass, love continues to flow among those left here on Mother Earth, it is wonderful of you to care for those in need ... we hope to see you, Buster and all here with us more often now, welcome home.

  3. Emma, we understand how hard this was for mom and dad and
    we are so very sorry. We always tell everyone, we truly believe St
    Francis helps us on our journey to heaven, where we start our 10 th
    life. we know mom, dad and buster miss you, and we miss you too.
    we send hugs and loves to each of you; and buster, you be extra good
    for mom and dad buddy. ❤️
    daisy, mackerull, dude, boomer, tuna, sauce and de girl laura

  4. We are sorry t read this ! We know Emma knew and gave o much love. We also end purrayers and love to the human and Buster. We are sure he misses her and is trying to step up to hep his humans get through the pain too We are glad that you plan to touch base every once in a while so we can still keep in touch with you .

  5. Oh no, that's so very sad, sad, sad. We always loved and enjoyed seeing that sweet girl. Love and hugs from all of us.

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Emma. She was such a beautiful cat and reading about her exploits brought me a lot of joy over the years. Hugs to the humans and cuddles for Buster.

  7. Dear Friends ~ we at The Cat Blogosphere would so much like to honor Emma, and you, her family, with a memory post. Even though some time as passed now, it is always the right time to say farewell to those loved and lost ... I create "Forever" images for our dear pets and it would be a privilege, with your permission, to do one for Emma. Please reach out to me ~ Ann, zoolatry at gmail, if we can do this for you. Thank you.

  8. We are so sad to hear your sweet Emma was needed at the Bridge. What a wonderful ife she had with you for all those years, so loved and cherished. Thank you for loving her, and for sharing her with all of us. Sending Buster, Cat Mama and Cat Papa much love and gentle purrs.

  9. da tabbies o trout towneOctober 16, 2023 at 11:34 AM

    happee gotcha day dood frum all oh uz heer in trout towne…bee
    well buddy and heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez and healtheez ‼️

  10. Mom was reading through some old posts and saw a comment from you, which made her wonder where you have been. Coming here now we are just finding out about Emma. Though it has been many months since she went to the Bridge, we know you miss her just as much today as you did the day she left. We send love and warm hugs. We lost Misty May in September two days short of her 19th birthday. The dynamics here have changed drastically since then. Wishing you a blessed holiday season. XOCK, angels Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta & Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh


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