Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mancat Monday

Missed us?

We certainly missed you and visiting your blog and knowing about your daily adventures. BUT the human secretary, aka mama, had been pretty busy. We let her shortcomings slide in the spirit of the Holiday season and specifically because of the hams and turkeys that were left on our food bowl.

Just like she told you on the last post, she locked us in the room on Christmas day. It was a beautiful day. We had sunpuddles the entire afternoon. We had plenty of naps under the sun in our exiled state so we were okay. Even towards the end of the party when Mama opened the door so we could go out and visit with family, we didn't go down. We peeked and then we retreated back to the quiet of the room so we could nap some more.

We only went downstairs when we heard silence coming from the downstairs. We knew everyone had left, and so Emma jumped onto mama's lap when she found her all supine in the couch. I went straight to the papa's lap for a bit to sniff him. Thank Cod dear kitties, no woofies came with the humans this year, unlike in previous years when the human family members brought their woofies to a Christmas pawty!

Anyway, we are happy that things are finally back to normal around the house. Well not completely normal, because Mama is still cleaning up after the pawty! She can really be slow when it comes to tidying up, but as long as we gets back to blogging quicker than she tidies up we're happy.

We are happy that we made/kept so many friends in 2013. You made our year a wonderful one.

Thanks for being our friends.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mancat Monday

I think I saw Santa go this way, under the table.

There's movement under there.

Where did he go now?

I'm going to wait here for Santa.

Was that Santa that just flew out of here?

Mom, I lost Santa!!!!

Emma: Relax, it was just a fly! Man(cats) can be silly sometimes.

Emma and Buster would like to extend their warmest Christmas greetings to all friends and paws alike. We hope you're with your family as you celebrate this glorious day. We shall see you in a few days. Our humans are hosting this year's family luncheon and you know how much preparations that is to have over 20 family members come over and join the festivities.

We are banished to the master's bedroom for the most part of the day, as is the norm, but as the celebrations wind down and the people thin out, we get to go downstairs and sniff out people. We like people a lot, but our mom is afraid that the children will leave the back door open and we would sneak out that is why we get to spend glorious hours snoozing quietly upstairs instead of mingling with kids who like to pull our tails MOL!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for our friend Spitty the Kitty for giving us this special award.

We are so behind in acknowledging this and posting about it that we thought it best not pass this on to any kitty. But we'll abide by the rules in accepting this prestigious award and that is to reveal 7 things about us.

1. Buster is a conversationalist. We have had long conversations about toys that disappeared under the couch or the refrigerator.

2. It's a no-no to watch Emma eat wet food. If you do, she'll abandon the bowl. So we pretend not to look when she starts eating.

3. Buster does not know how to cover. He digs and digs and makes motions and noises of covering, but he never gets it covered at all.

4. Emma can make you go crazy. She's good at pretending she doesn't hear you.

5. Buster loves Mama-Buster chase the red dot play time every night after dinner.

6. Emma adores and begs brushing from catpapa.

7. Emma loves treats, Buster treats like a regular kibble, if its there good, if not good.

There you go. Our human finally got this post out. Thank you again Spitty.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mancat Monday

2013_07_16 009
Furriends, I am so sorry that most of the pictures that mama takes and shares here are of me sleeping. There is a reason for that. Two actually, first, I like to sleep and I do it a lot. Second, I don't usually cooperate with her when I'm awake. I hope you don't mind that my mancat picture is of me sleeping AGAIN!.

Oh yeah, that box is my toy box. When I get tired of toys I myself put them away in this box. So ladycats, you can see that I'm marriage material, because unlike other men I pick up after myself (MOL).

Happy Monday!!!!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Flashback Friday

Well I know it's Christmas Season, but mom is so busy with a lot of things she hasn't make good her promise that we'd take Christmas photos. Thus this is all I could muster to share today. I lost my head checking the decorations.

And oh before you ask, I did practice my batting and swatting with those two, which hastened their return to the box of decorations in the garage.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday for Teddy

Cell Phone 078
Our mama first met Teddy while visiting our g'ma Gay a couple of years ago maybe. G'ma Gay is good friends with Teddy's mom Marilyn and so she takes her in when her mom goes traveling.

Cell Phone 077
So after Thanksgiving this year when our humans visited G'ma Gay, they found out that little cutie pie Teddy was a houseguest at our grandma's house. Mama was really really happy. She loves Teddy.

Cell Phone 076
Thankfully mama carried her phone so she took a lot of photos (then papa deleted most of them, she was pissed). Teddy was found by Marilyn at the vet, possibly surrendered. Her top teeth are gone. She's very sweet. Her chirps are delightful. According to g'ma Gay, she's a total cuddle bug and a major lap cat. Marilyn had a little cat prior to Teddy named Celtic, now an angel.

When they came home, we could smell Teddy all over both our humans. Isn't Teddy really beautiful?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Throwback Tuxie Thursday

The photos are not that "old" but it's a throwback in a way. These were taken in the summer while I enjoy my "chair". If you must know it looks out into the glass door of the backyard, so I get unobstructed views of blue jays, robins, occasional doves and the neigborhood cats. Oh yes, there's plenty of little flying bugs too.

I love my chair.

I neatly fold my paws in whether the weather is warm or cold.

I even prefer it to folded fresh laundry (see laundry basket in the background).

Something caught my attention here.

Add thankful for another T this Thursday. I am thankful for my chair, but am not thankful that mama takes way too many picture in one sitting.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mancat Monday

2013_05_27_28_29 697
Living a good life. Sleeping in comfotable bed, with a warm body next to you and that warm body has a willing hand to cater to your every belly rub needs.

Hello kitties, sorry we were not around too much during the Holidays. Our humans are so busy fixing dinner than cleaning up and putting back everything they use for the dinner. I don't know why they don't just use paper plates so they don't need to load up the dishwasher and keep the dishes back to where they belong. Nope they didn't do any shopping, although they visited a few stores after the crowd had thinned out.

So the humans put up the tree after Thanksgiving. Of course we snoopervised the entire way. Emma also wanted to check the durability of one of the ornaments, a snowflake, and ended up biting a piece of it off. Now this is the thing kitties, the humans arrive one day and found this.....


Who do you think they blamed after seeing this? They couldn't outright tell it's me, the mancat of the house, but they did see me inspecting some shiny balls and maybe swatting a few of them. I know I should wait until they go back to work before I did some major work on the tree, but can you blame this sweet face when the shiny balls were calling me to play with them?