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Living a good life. Sleeping in comfotable bed, with a warm body next to you and that warm body has a willing hand to cater to your every belly rub needs.

Hello kitties, sorry we were not around too much during the Holidays. Our humans are so busy fixing dinner than cleaning up and putting back everything they use for the dinner. I don't know why they don't just use paper plates so they don't need to load up the dishwasher and keep the dishes back to where they belong. Nope they didn't do any shopping, although they visited a few stores after the crowd had thinned out.

So the humans put up the tree after Thanksgiving. Of course we snoopervised the entire way. Emma also wanted to check the durability of one of the ornaments, a snowflake, and ended up biting a piece of it off. Now this is the thing kitties, the humans arrive one day and found this.....


Who do you think they blamed after seeing this? They couldn't outright tell it's me, the mancat of the house, but they did see me inspecting some shiny balls and maybe swatting a few of them. I know I should wait until they go back to work before I did some major work on the tree, but can you blame this sweet face when the shiny balls were calling me to play with them?


  1. It's the humans' fault for having breakable ornaments! I mean, what do they expect anyhow? We're KITTIES! MOL.

  2. Rollable breakables...
    Breakable rollables...

    Either way, there's gonna be breakage. FACT.


  3. Just do what I do:

    1: First: Admit it wasn't you.
    2: Blame your owner.
    3: Give 'em the "puppy-dog-eyes".

    They'll forgive you!


  4. We think a mouse broke into the house and did it!

    (We mancats have got to stick together!)

  5. Knott Mee strikes AGAIN!

    He is such a rascal this time of year.

  6. Aww, you look so comfy and cuddly in that picture. Seeing that, I don't see how anyone could blame you for any misdeeds!

  7. If only the humans were more practical when decorating the Christmas tree. Catnip mice, Yeowww Nanners, Yeowww know, PRACTICAL stuff, then they won't have to deal with broken shiny balls. AND they won't have any hassle when it's time to keep the tree. But most of all, there will be some really happy contented kitties. :)

  8. Did your Mum break that bauble?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. That was obviously a nice cozy nap...makes me want to go take one.

    Your mommy and daddy get broken glass ornaments for not decorating the bottom half of the tree with your kitty ornaments!

  10. WE thought that is why they put them on the tree where we could reach them!

  11. I love Ragdoll's way of handling it. Love you both bunches. xoxoxo

  12. Você tem uma vida de rei hehehe
    Essas bolas brilhantes são irresistíveis...

  13. Buster, our mom won't put the tree up for at least another week because we've been known to knock things off of it and even climb it!

  14. You look so darn comfortable and care free in that first photo..

  15. No, of COURSE no one could blame you, Pal! It's the Human's fault! If they don't want you to play, they shouldn't decorate the tree with cat toys!

  16. If your humans are foolish enough to put breakable ornaments on the tree, tough luck for them. Of course you (both) have to test them for quality!

  17. It´s all the humans fault !
    1. They should have plastic balls instead ( They sounds like Pingpong balls when you have pawed them down on the floor:)
    2. They should keep the Christmastree in a room where you can close the door.

    No we don´t have any Catmastree at my house to talk about just a tiny tiny one :(

  18. Those shiny balls can be very, very tempting. That's why our humans keep the tree behind closed doors. We have a four foot tree in memory of one of our angel sisfurs, Twinkle, that is in the foyer, but it only has non-breakable ornaments. We have never seen a photo that shows a more spoiled cat than you, Buster. You definitely have fallen into the lap of love and luxury. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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