Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Let Us Tell You A Story

Dear Kitties,

Sometime after Christmas, a curious large box arrived. It sat in the living room for days. We thought, "Cool, the humans finally got us our very own sofa."

2015 02 13_0185
Then one night, the dad opened the box, and out came these weird looking items.

2015 02 13_0186
Scare-d cat Buster went UTT.

2015 02 13_0187
I was very brave and made sure whatever these are, they were in good quality. I sniffed them all, then gave my paw of approval.

The human put the pieces together, well tried, then called out at the mama to see why he can't put it together. Two human brains put together were needed to assemble this thing kitties.

2015 02 13_0188
Hours later, it was finally completed and hauled upstairs in the empty guest bedroom, aka Emma's bedroom. Brofur Buster was brave enough to get near it. I didn't come close to it that night.

Days later, kitties I was caught checking it out, and yes, using it! Using it! (Please note, the mattress is covered in plastic, in case some kitty accident happens.)

2015 02 13_0192

2015 02 13_0190

We have a cat tree! Finally! It took many posts from you kitty friends to spur the humans to get us our own.

Your furriend,

Pee Ess....

The photos are in black and white because the quality were subpar for color.


  1. looks pawtastic!!! Ohhh you should have watched MOM put together mine.....she was tearing her hair out, but she did it!

  2. What a pawsome kitty tree! Too bad you couldn't get pictures of the assembly ;-)

    You have your own room, too? Jenna is very jealous...

  3. Oh you will have hours of fun on that!!!

  4. Isn't it fabulous to have your own cat tree!? Boy, your parents did a superb job!!!

  5. That is such a nice looking tree and I'm sure you'll get lots of enjoyment out of it!!!

  6. Emma, that is a most excellent cat tree! I bet you and Buster will have lots of fun with it!

  7. What a pawsome cat tree! And having it right by the window makes it even better.

  8. What a fun cat tree your humans got you.

  9. What a great tree you guys got! Perfect for birdwatching too!

  10. É uma ótima árvore de gato, seus pais sabem como mimá-los!

  11. That is a pawsome cat tree guys!!!