I got treats Monday

Okay so I got the treats on Sunday. Don't you just love it when the humans actually bring home the one item you put in their grocery list?

Human is still catching up with all the work that has piled up on her desk. That is according to her. Truth be told we are suspicious about the veracity of this excuse. How much paperwork can pile up in a week's absence really. I offered to help her with the paperwork - you know I'm a master of paper shredding.


  1. We love it when a new treat package comes into the house. We try to help Mom quilt bu arranging her pieces. Although she thought they were right where she wanted them!

  2. I think your human should take you up on that offer, Emma!

  3. I think your human should take on your suggestion!
    Great photo !!

  4. You should get treats everyday, Emma.

  5. Emma, my cars are coming straight over! I hope you're in a sharing mood with those treats!!

  6. Lucky you!! I only have "lean" treats in the house! Pfffft! Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. It is so nice of you to offer your help, Emma!!! You are more than deserve to get your favorite treats!!!

  8. You are so lucky! Phoebe is drooling.


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