Monday, July 16, 2012

Emma, Fevver and Unflattering Snap

06-08-11 007
Playing fevver with catpapa.

06-08-11 008
I love playing with fevver duster better than my regular fevver toy.

06-08-11 003
I go crazy when catpapa plays fevver with me.

06-08-11 004
And mama goes unsupervised with the flashy box. The result an unflattering, unladylike, atypical Emma picture. Mama owes me tons of noms for posting this image.


  1. Hahaha! We like all your photos, Emma. Your mom's a good photographer and obviously has a good camera too!

    Do you allow humans to kiss your adorable back paw pads? Probably not, we suppose, but oh, our mom sure would like to!

  2. Emma, these pictures of you are so sweet!

  3. Emma
    We just love these unguarded pictures of you. YOU look pawsitively adorable.


  4. I think your human owes you lots of treats just for being YOU, Emma! But yeah, a few more for that photo.

  5. Well, it may be unflattering, but we think it's adorable, Emma. WE love seeing you have a good time. :)

  6. But you look so FIERCE! And bloodthirsty.

    The mancats are getting a little fainty...

  7. But we love this picture and all of them! Mommy would love to kiss all those back toesies!

    Pee Ess - hold out fur those nommies!

  8. Emma, you're allowed to go a little crazy when you're playing!

  9. But those are such cute photos of you, Emma! You do have a fabulous looking fevver toy.

  10. Emma looks so bloated in the last picture... hahaha! Over-all Emma is a star! I will try to capture Sansa with this kind of wacky shots too! Super cute Emma!

  11. Dear Emma,
    Glad that you are enjoying this game, looks a fun time there.I love the sequence of the pictures and you looks gorgeous and happy!
    purrs to you and Buster
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  12. Me too LOVE ti play wiff fethers :)
    LOVE all the photos on you <3

  13. I don't see any unflattering poses at all! Emmy is as cute as a button whatever she does.

    That last one might just be good LOL-fodder in future, though.

  14. We think a duster sounds like a great toy! We really like the last picture--teeth, tubby belly and tired paws :)