Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Face

We almost forgot we show guest doggies and guest kitties here too. Here's one that mama captured in the streets of La Fortuna in Costa Rica last September.

One angry dog.

Here's a little doggie who has an angry face. Is he angry because of the suffocating heat? Or was it Monday when mama snapped this shot.

Whichever, mama feels her face should look like this on a MOnday, hehehe.

Pee Ess....mama and papa were busy all weekend with the church fundraiser. one of mama's truffles (almond truffle with cayenne pepper) was voted by tasters as one of the four best chocolate entrees. she's ecstatic since this is her first time to enter. i (buster) snoopervised the making of the truffle....that is until i decided to slip out to the backyard.


  1. Congratulations in the Truffle! That doggie looks sad and mad. Did he have a home?

  2. Buster I think it was your snoopervising that made the truffels sooo good ;-)
    That dog sure have a monday face *MOL*

  3. Lucky your Mom had you fur truffle snoopervision. Concats to her on her cayenne pepper truffles!

  4. That is one sad and mad doggie!

    Congrats to your mom on her tasty Truffle! Oh and congrats to you too, Buster...good snoopervision!

  5. That dog sure looks like he got up on the wrong side of the road!
    Well done on the truffles!

  6. Perhaps some other dog had eaten his breakfast!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. ;) cool post. YOu know, I don't do Mondays here! MOL
    Well...I can take a nap and to dream about Fridays!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA
    ( hugs from mammy Léia )