Monday, March 4, 2013

Mancat Monday

2013_01_13 031

2013_01_13 030

Our hearts are heavy today. We saw on Facebook yesterday that our friend Au of Katz and Other Tales had been helped to the bridge. Our deepest sympathies to Guido and Target and to Au's forever humans whom he loved and loved him back throughout his life.


  1. No, it wasn't a good weekend around the CB, in terms of losses of beloved companions.

    But your photos are lovely, Buster, a joy to look at.

    No, we don't imagine it gets very cold where you are, compared to our corner of the world, unless you live way up in the mountains! :-)

  2. Buster, you are so manly in these pictures! We love you!\

    We are sad too for all the losses this past week!

  3. The last few days have been very difficult with far too many of our furriends flying off to the Bridge. :(

  4. That was so, so sad. Run free dear Au, you will live in our hearts forever.

  5. Yes, it's so sad that more of our furiends have departed on their journey to the Bridge, but we will remember them always, and know that they are well and happy and keeping track of us.

    Those are excellent FURtos of you, Buster. I see the calming collar on you -- very much reminiscent of our Mr. Dylan who continues to harass Domino from time to time. I hope that Emma is reaping the benefit.

  6. Hard to take, old good friend run to the bridge
    I love Au too
    Purrs to his human and brothers

  7. Blogger just ate our comments.

    Not happy with blogger.
    We were so sad to hear this and are keeping Au's family in our purrs.

  8. We are sad that Au has gone to the bridge, too. We send comforting purrs to his family.

  9. We were sad about Au but try to remember he had a good and happy life with his People and his brothers. We know they are all comforting one another today. XOXOXO

    You look very thoughtful and handsome, Buster.