Sometimes, we get along famously.

We are not the best of buds, we will admit that. Our mom thinks it's because she did not do one important step when she brought Buster home. Instead of quarantining him and for me to slowly get used to his smell in the house, they brought him in the same room with us and I hiss at him instantly. We forgive mama, because she didn't know any better then. The people at the shelter did not tell her to do that (only by reading kitty blogs did she learn about that). Instead they were repeatedly telling her that should I not get along with Buster, they would gladly take Buster back. Mama thought that was unacceptable. She would never return Buster back so she told us to get along.

The hissing stopped after a few days, when I realized that mama and papa love me so much and that I was allowed to sleep in bed with them and not Buster (he still is not allowed, except when it's cold and he jumps into the bed when papa is asleep).

Truth be told, we get along more than what we show our pawrents. I give him baffs because boys smell you know, and we nap together and stay in my room for the morning sun every day.

And sometimes we both nap in the cat tree.


  1. We are all pals here, although we don't always show it. Often we're in completely different rooms. But when Boodie was getting a bath yesterday, both Binga and I waited by the enclosed patio door to make sure Boodie was okay! (All right, and I was kind of wondering why she was getting all the attention too.) Humans don't always understand the ways in which we kitties show friendship.

  2. Y'know, me and Ernie get along most of the time, but even we have our spats. The fact that you give Buster baths is good. I give Ernie baths all the time. ~Wally

  3. That slow introduction thing never worked with Caroline, not when she first came and not with the others who came after her. She's pretty hissy with everybody, always has been, always will be. She sometimes forgets, though, and gives Izzy licks on the head.

  4. My mom too, she learns a lot from all of us, kitties' blog & youtube =^x^=
    We used to watch Jackson's shows, Actually your mom can re-introduce you two again if necessary. But I guess you guys don't need it for real =^x^=

  5. There are a lot of people who do everything "right" and for whatever reason, the cats still don't get along (I speak from personal experience). Maybe your Mom should forgive herself too :) The fact that she refused to take Buster back to the shelter when things weren't easy speaks volumes more about her character than a proper introduction.

  6. For the most part we are all pals here too. We all basically all pretty laid back with one another. WE don't play with each other but we do get along.

  7. I get along with my woofie brother but my Mom and Dad fight like hell. Love, Cody

  8. The two of you are adorable together! Your mom shouldn't blame herself too much. Sometimes kitties are just loners and they don't form tight social bonds with other cats. There's nothing wrong with that. When my Cinco was around, he and Manna weren't really best friends either. They would play sometimes and they didn't hate each other, but they didn't snuggle together or make a lot of attempts to be social together. I think that Manna and Dexter have formed a bond. It is really neat to see how they seem to enjoy each other so much. You just never know what you are going to get! Things can change over time too.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  9. Aaaaaaaaaw Dat's so sweet. And yes, boys do smell, so we're sure he purreciates those baths you give him. Big hugs to you both.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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