Listen Mom


You need to use more fabric softener .


  1. Emma, you are lucky you are not the one who has to do the laundry!

  2. And seriously, add a few more things to that kitty bed pile! it's not deep enough for a real good nap yet! Make sure it's the good things too, no old clothes you don't intend to wear..

  3. Oh, Emma. A kitty's work is never done. Good thing that you already take car of putting fur on everything!

    @Summer Bah. We kittied spend WAY more time on our laundry than humans on theirs!

  4. I hope she listens, tell her to use non allergenic so you don't get itchy.

  5. we luvluvluv that softner. Purrs for coming to visit my Friday Meme story today.


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