How Was Your Weekend?

So I got hauled off the vet last Saturday. I did not have a clue I was going anywhere. The humans woke up and did their Saturday routine. They went out to get last minute shopping done. When they got home, the mom called me to give me treats, also a routine each time mom comes home. That's when I got caught.

Nothing serious though kitties, just the usual run-of-the-mill annual checkup, although I got poked in the butt and blood was stolen from me. The vet was very nice she gave me this nice towel to hide while I was in the exam room. Blood test results soon.

I lost a few ounces that worry mom, but the vet says my weight is good for me.

A little blurry because I moved.

Papa is consoling me here.

I know you are used to seeing Buster on Monday, but he'll be back soon.


  1. I hope you pass all your tests, Emma! I bet you do.

  2. Oh Emma,, I'm glad you had your mom and you r dad to be with you. That makes us feel so much better when they are. Even if they are the ones who took us to the Dr.

  3. That is not a fun surprise but at least it's over sweet Emma.

  4. Emma that was pretty tricky of your pawrents to grab you like that, when you were completely unaware! I DO love how your Papa was consoling you, I can tell you have a wonderful Papa! catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. Emma espero que você esteja bem de saúde.
    Cafunés Para você e Buster!Cafuné

  6. Awww, we're sorry you had to go for your visit and that they poked you. We like it when our vet gives us a nice smelling blanket to cuddle in, even when we don't like going there.

  7. We are glad you checked out ok, Emma !

  8. Emma, aren't you glad that's over now? We're glad you checked out okay.

  9. Emma, we're pretty sure Izzy got those lost ounces. ;-)

  10. I hope your blood work comes back good.

  11. Poor girl, but sometimes it's necessary to suffer a bit ! At least now you know you are OK !


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