Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mancat Monday

canon 061
I have my box and I'm not cooperating with you and your flashy box today human. You were neglectful of your duties. You failed to post photos here and even more unaccepatable you weren't visiting our friends as was in your contract. We missed them a lot.

Sure we know you had a birthday last Thursday and you had to take a oouple of days off blogging, but why do you have to go to a friend's wedding on Sunday instead of giving us belly rubs and scritches? Unforgivable offenses, don't you think kitties?


  1. Humans. What are ya gonna do with them??

    pee ess...Happy Belated Birthday to your mom. :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to your Mom!! You really should cut her some slack!

  3. Obviously her priorities are messed up, Buster!
    Happy Belated Birthday to Mom!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom! I hope she gives you lots of attention now.

  5. We hope your Mom had a great birthday! Now onto to that lack on attention!

  6. Uh oh, demerits for your human. A birthday and wedding are no excuses, but we suppose that these humans are too incompetent to really multi-task.

    Thanks for the good wishes for Nicki. Our biped says she's really tired of having to constantly micromanage every aspect of our lives. LOL.

  7. Happy belated Birthday to you Mom from all of us! Take it easy on her, she's only human.

  8. Oh man! We missed your moms birthday?
    Happy belated birthday...we are sorry we are late...
    Here is a great big happy birthday Noodle hug.

    Noodle and crew