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03-29-11 002

I am a superstar, and I'll tell you why. Mama and Papa tells me thousands of gazillion compliments I get with this picture I am sharing today. Mama and Papa use this as their computer wall paper at work. And every single human who sees this picture cannot help but shower me with superlatives like supreme cuteness, a real hunk, etc, etc, etc.

Do you agree? Mama says I am the cutest boy in my town :) I love to hear it each time she tells me.

I am linking to CATS ON TUESDAY.

Previous posts for Cats on Tuesday were posted by Mama here.

Buster signing off.


  1. You ARE the cutest Cat in your town! Our Mommy has a soft spot for Gingers.

  2. That's an adorable picture of you and I am sure that you are the beauty King of your town !

  3. Me too think that you are THE cutest cat in your town !!!
    Have a nice tuesday :)

  4. Hi ♪ How do you do ?
     Ms.Emma's silver coat is fine and she plays elegantly. Mr.Buster's orange coat is cheerful and he sleeps innocently. Thank you for sharing your wonderful families. It's happy that we can understand each other with you in cat language.

  5. I have to agree, Buster, you're quite the handsome fellow!

  6. You are the most handsome orange tabby I've ever seen!

  7. Oh Buster you are very handsome! I love the sweet look on your face!

  8. Buster, my mom has a thing for orange boys. Now she's gotta thing for you!!


  9. Well, I hope you do not live in San Francisco, because **I** am the cutest boy in San Francisco. If you live in another town, then I guess you CAN be the cutest boy.

    Cause the Human thinks you **are** pretty cute.

  10. Oh Buster, I have a weakness for Gingers... you are HANDSOME!!! Squeeeee.....

  11. Oh what a handsome, wonderful, fantastic photo!!!
    We came over from Katnip Lounge.
    Very nice to meet 'cha!
    ~ The Bunch


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