Socially Conscious Buster

Mama and Papa are high on conservation. They cut down their electric consumption by turning off lights when not needed, the thermostat is set at 65, they line dry the laundry, they compost, they reduce, reuse and recycle, etc, etc, etc.

So I thought since I live in this Earth too and that the next generation of kitties will benefit when our humans actively pursue conservation that I would do my part in preserving this wonderful place we live in called Earth.

Here's how I help out:
11-11-2010 002
When Papa finishes with the newspaper and before he takes them to be recycled, I reuse them as my toy. I make a tent out of it and play and play and play. I'm pretty sure you do the same right kitties?
11-11-2010 001
Would you like to share how you help out with preserving the planet?

Purrs for a great weekend.

Buster signing off.


  1. We are sorry you missed our party and all the cake is gone - we put a notice up on the Cat Blogosphere perhaps you missed it. We help the planet by using the newspapers in great slide games but unfortunately we don't wait until mum has read them!! OOPS - haha!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Hi! We like that slide game Hannah and Lucy were talkin about too :-) It bees fun! We always figure if we playin with it, they bees through with it. Now, our Mumsy, and not even or Da who always hadda paper takes it no more, not on the paper. They gets it now on their iPads and saves the paper that way. We also saves glass bottles, all-umin-yum, and plastic bottles, that all goes in the pick-up to the recircle center. Lots of times we go all through the plastic bottle box makin sure they bees all ready to go. Sometimes that means diggin them all out alls over the floor 'cos we gots to be ther-row. We bees proud of all us recircling kitties! We hope you has a happy weekend :-)

  3. Of course i reuse papers before mom and dad recycles them :)
    Me too like to build a tent with them :)

  4. Buster! You look adorable under there! All the Kitties Who Came Before Me LOVED the newspaper, but, me? I'm pretty much "Meh" about it.

    But I love your question! I am going to have my Human do a blog post about how I help conserve the earth. She's going to have think REAL HARD about it, but I am sure she can come up with something!

  5. Hi, Buster! Our mom says that we cats recycle, but it's probably not in a way that helps the Earth. She's pretty sure upchucking catgrass, food, and hairballs isn't quite what you were talking about. We wanted to thank you both for stopping by our blog, and we have to say we're sorry for taking so long to return the visit. We've now added you to our reader so we can keep up with what you're doing!

    Oh, our mom also said that you must not live close to us, because if we were to set our thermostat on 65 right now it would not shut off until October!

    Your new friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

    P.S. Hi to Emma too!!!

  6. Well done, Buster (and Mama and Papa, of course)!!!

  7. Buster, you look so cute under there!

    We use recyclable shopping bags at our house, and Kit and I inspect them alla time to make sure they are okay by sleeping in them.

  8. Good on ya, Buster. I do full circle too like nap, eat, poo, pee, nap, eat, poo, were saying recycle? purrr...meow!

  9. Buster, you are quite the environmentalist!! Good job!! We re-use boxes and bags every chance we get!!

  10. You are such a wise one and set a fine example for the rest of us to follow!


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