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Last summer mama and papa went to the FILLMORE JAZZ FESTIVAL - a street fest/fair in the city of San Francisco. There was food and drink and shopping and of course lots and lots of music.

2011_07_03 073
There were many doggies in attendance, which wasn't a surprise. What was surprising however was a kitty was there too. An orange kitty just like me. And what fancy wheels he's cruising around on. Does anyone else has this fancy gadget/carrier? I want one!
2011_07_03 066
Mama went to walk the length of the festival and found these wonderful acrylic (pls correct if wrong) tiles with cat faces on them. Mama was heartbroken she didn't get any tile at all.
2011_07_03 064
You see she cannot just get one. She wants a whole lot of them. She thinks they would look great as a back splash for our kitchen. And she didn't have the budget for that yet. I agree, noms for us kitties first before anything for her kitchen, right kitties?



  1. Buster, those tiles are nice, but you sure can't eat them! We don't have a stroller but we "know" several kitties who do, and most of them enjoy it a lot.

  2. That kitty looks like he's saying "I have a carrier and you don't, na na na.."
    Those tiles are great! I'd have wanted them too and I'm not sure I could have gotten away from there without at least one... Good thing I didn't go, because as you say, noms before kitchens!

  3. Oh that contraption looks really cool. WE hope the kitty inside enjoyed his/her day out. WE love those tiles too. HOW NEAT!

  4. Those tiles are fantastic! I agree with your mama though, one wouldn't be enough. What a cool splashback they'd make :)

  5. Those tiles are gorgeous. It would be hard to walk away with just one.

    I love that stroller. My cats would probably rip out of it. It might be nice for my chihuahuas though.

  6. I love those tiles! My human should have some specially made with MY face on them! The bills can wait.

  7. We love the tiles too! I think they'd look great!

  8. That is a cool gadget/carrier/stroller! The kitty looks very comfy there. The tiles are great!

  9. That sure is quite the ride that orange one has!

  10. That's a cool stroller that cat has! We bet he can go lots of places in it! And we like those tiles too!!

  11. Oh! The Human is just WILD about those tiles!! She would like some too--a WHOLE LOT! Ha ha ha.

    But *I* do NOT WANT anything to do with that horrible stroller thing!! NONONONONO!!!

  12. Absolutely right! Noms are #1 priority. Tiles falling much further down the list.

  13. These kitties are beautiful!Creative tiles!
    purrs and a nice weekend,
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  14. Totally agree, Buster Noms come first at all times

    ..... but mom says those tiles sure do look nice !!!

  15. What beautiful tiles! But your Mom has her priority right. Noms for the furries come FIRST! ALWAYS!

  16. Those tiles are SO beautiful! But yes, Buster's fuds ALWAYS come first. :)


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