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2013_01_13 016 a video by M'roy on Flickr.

Buster waiting in the hallway while Emma was getting her bath. You can hear her meow. I think Buster was getting himself ready to be the next in the bath, although he seems nervous to me.

BTW.....there were many stray cats in the neighborhood last year. I think most of them were stray, but they were all really clean. I think some of them belong to the neighbors. The fluff ball once came with the mother and another kitteh about the same age but did not grace us with their presence since.

The bigger kitteh is less than a year old I'm guessing. I don't think he belongs to somebody, but I believe in his mind we belong to him. I don't know if I can get him to a trap for neutering but I will try.


  1. Ohhh. You do look a little nervous Buster. Did the both of you have the wet water kind of baths? *shudder*

  2. I have my bath today and after the bath I got fluffed with the hairdryer :)

  3. Real baths? With water? In the tub? OH heck no!

  4. Me too, I will pass on any bath that involves real water!

  5. Buster totally looks nervous. He's pretty brave though. If it were us, and baths, we'd be hiding. Oh, except for Moosey, who LIKES water!


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