Happy Purrsday!!!!

I (catmama) am always Emma's PCP (primary care person) ever since we got her. I am her go-to person for everything. I am her human. But we have noticed that as years went by she has gotten to be comfortable with catpapa too. I think it was necessity. The need for laps when mama is working on the computer brought papa and Emma together. I am so happy. Buster is so pissed. Catpapa is Buster's human from day one.

A few shots at bedtime with Emma. She likes when papa gives her whisker a slight tug.

2012_11_12 emma and buster 028

2012_11_12 emma and buster 026

2012_11_12 emma and buster 027

2012_11_12 emma and buster 032

2012_11_12 emma and buster 005

2012_11_12 emma and buster 022


  1. Emma is very sweet, but I get the not-sharing thing on Buster's part - we kitties here are also not too good about sharing!

  2. Ling isn't big about having to share her "under Mommy's blankie" times with Tutu!
    Hmm. Why does Catmama laptimes have to end just because she's on the computer? Hmmmmmmm.

  3. Awww Emma I see the sweetness in those eyes. YOu are just so beautiful.

  4. I don't care much for sharing my Mommy, either! Emma looks adorable with her toofie hanging out!

  5. I don't mind sharing, but my sisters--forget about it!

  6. Oh Emma! You look very happy there!

  7. Emma, it is wonderful that you love both catmama and catpapa!

  8. Oh Yeah, just see you have so much comfy with your human. I purr heap too !


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