We were mostly sleeping.

2013_02_23 006

The humans abandoned us for 4 days to commune with nature. Their words! We don't know why they need to leave the house to have fun and explore. They can just do what us kitties do when we want to explore and have fun. We run to the garage and play hide and seek in the boxes stacked high up and gather as many cobwebs in our whiskers as we can.

Mama is not happy that Buster ate way too much again. When people other than our humans are left to feed us, they don't adhere to our humans instructions on how much to feed. So mama was not happy. Serves her right for leaving us for four days!

We miss all our cat friends by the way. How have you all been?


  1. You are lucky that your cat sitter does not follow the rules. Ours do, to the letter! We never get extras!

  2. Gathering cobwebs in your whiskers sound like a fabulous game!

  3. Binga dreams of the day she gets a pet sitter who gives her too much food!

  4. That's how the dad guy is when the mom goes away. He always feeds us waaaay too much and the mom gets mad. But we kinda like it! Of course!!

  5. Nature, schmature! They should stay home and commune with the KITTIES.

  6. Too much food? Never heard of such a thing!


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