Mancat Monday

In honor of Father's Day, we are sharing old pictures of our hero, a real Man-Cat, our human dad!

2012_03_30 013
Dad and mancat Buster sharing a snoozy moment.

2013_03_16 001
Catpapa is such a great guy that he allows princess Emma to walk all over him, literally and figuratively.


  1. What sweet moments with your human! Cat guys are the best.

  2. We hope your Cat Daddy has lots of very special days!!!

  3. Those are such sweet photos. We love them both so much but the one of Emma walking on your Catpapa made us laugh. :)

  4. Those are sweet pics. We hope your catpapa had a great Dad's Day.

  5. Sorry we're late. We hope you had a wonderful Father's Day with your awesome Catpapa!

  6. We hope you all had a happy fathers day!

    Noodle and crew

  7. That is THE best kind of Papa! The one you both have. xxoo

  8. yep! now that is a great Dad Cat FOR must gift him with a "Dad Cat" t-shirt from Crazy Shirts..I bet her will luvluvluv it!


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