A Caturday Story

One Caturday last Fall when the humans had free time, they decided to take a walk by their old stomping grounds. The humans' pre-cat life involved a lot of walking and watching the birds, the geese, the ducks and other birds by the creek just down the hill from where they used to live. They were getting nostalgic for the place, thus a visit was made.

While they were walking and watching the birdies they noticed that the ducks were disturbed, they jumped and flew away from the thicket as possible. That's when catpapa saw the cause of all the disturbance. A friendly little kitty. When he/she was done wreaking havoc to the peace in the creek, he/she greeted our humans and welcomed them to his/her domain.

He allowed to be scritched, gave head bonks freely, and wagged tail joyfully.

More head rubs please, begged she, or he?

Her/his coloring reminded the human of Binga, sisfur to Sparkle.

Our human always brings a small camera whenever she leaves, otherwise her phone gets abused with taking so many pictures.

Anyway, after this video was taken the kitty joined our humans, er led our humans on the trail with occasional stops to look at a duck or sniff something, but stopped just before the trail led to the main road.

Thank you kitties, cat mama here, we have gone back 2x since then and brought kibbles but we have not seen the kitty again. The creek is behind an elementary school and we have spotted 2 food bowls in the deck of the pre-school building. We guessed that they live in the pre-school and are getting well cared for. We just remembered again and are now planning on walking there again hoping to see her one more time. She (I hope it's a she) is very friendly and a little naughty and very clean. She looks like she belongs to someone, if not from the pre-school, from all the townhouses across the creek.


  1. I am 95% sure this kitty is a girl, because tortoiseshell kitties are 95% female and only 5% male! The giveaway too is that she was a little naughty - and Binga is a lot naughty!

  2. We have a strong suspicion little Tortie is a girl. Maybe naughty is the middle name of all Torties (hint : Tutu)? Though we can't ever imagine Isabella being naughty (Beaded Tail). :)

  3. Yep ! Me do agree with Sparkle & Angel Whisppy ....cause you probably don't know I have a Tortie cousin...and SHE too !!!


  4. What a pretty girl. She does look like Binga

  5. SHe is a sweet kitty. We hope she is well cared for!

  6. She's a pretty kitty!

    Noodle and crew

  7. Torties are so beautiful with all of their lovely coloring. She looks well kept so we hope that she is someones kitty who lives nearby.

  8. We purr that the kitty has a home and is being taken care of. :)

  9. What a sweet little interlude! She looks pretty well fed--I bet you were getting scoped out when you entered HER territory.

  10. As those before us have said...torties are almost always female kitties. She obviously is well socialized and enjoys the companionship of humans, so she most likely has a home nearby. So glad she knew not to go near the road. Hope you meet up with her again. Thanks for sharing with all of us. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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