One cute furbaby

When friends of our humans loaned them their cabin near Yosemite last spring, they went to their house to return the cabin keys. While the dad was chatting with the friends, the mom was busy shooting at their cats. Yes, my humans friends have several cats. This one in particular is pretty cute. The mom fell in love with it. She doesn't know whether it's a mancat or a ladycat; she's guessing a lady cat because she was really pretty and dainty. She stayed atop the dining room table and allowed our mom to snap pictures.




Our humans were told that all the cats in this household were master hunters and would bring mice to the humans. Our mom was thankful that we're indoor only kitties, because she just hates mice :)


  1. Sparkle found a few LIZARDS right inside the house! She didn't bring them to my human, though - my human had to rescue them!

  2. We have never seen a real mouse, but we would sure like the chance. The head peep would rather they not come in the house, though.

  3. aww, a place to stay AND a cat to cuddle.. (or photograph) bonus!

  4. My mom wishes *we* would be cooperative with the camera!

  5. She's very cute. We like her big eyes. :)

  6. She is a cutie, such pretty eyes. I'm not fond of mice either.


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