Flashback Friday

What?  I'm Not Doing Anything!
I did this one time. Get a front-seat view of bird tv, aka our siblings the parakeets. The humans never allowed me to do this ever again after that one time. The parakeets have been living with the humans long before we came to live with them, so we're not allowed to mess up with them. Although sometimes, I cannot help myself tap on their cage a little. When I do that they chirp too loudly that it gets the humans attention and then we get time out. You can see a little of the microwave that is Emma's perch from the post below.

Happy weekend.


  1. I’ve been seeing your comments on my furrend’s blog and thought I’d say hello. Whoa! you have indoor Bird-tv! No antenna needed.

  2. You have parakeets? Live birds RIGHT IN YOUR HOUSE??!!



  3. WE didn't know you had bird siblings!

  4. It would be hard to not want to play with those birdies. :)

  5. I bet those parakeets get loud when you tap on their cage! My human won't let me near the parakeets in the pet stores I go visit because she knows I would stress them out... although I do think she is a bit of a buzzkill. ;-)

  6. In house birds!

    Noodle and crew

  7. All this time and we did realize you had your own LIVE BIRD TV! Wow that is so cool!

  8. Great photo! When I was growing up we had a little white budgy who had to deal with our ginger tom on occasion. Little did I know every time he looked at our sweet little bird he was looking at lunch. I just thought he liked her a lot, lol!

  9. Man birds would never last around here. Our cats even see a feather laying around and they are on it like a rabid dog.


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