One beautiful day.....

2015 08 15_canonps_3570
There I was all stretched out in MY bed, being all cosy and comfy.

2015 08 15_canonps_3568
When the human walked in and saw this abomination in the quilt.

2015 08 15_canonps_3571
She asked, Buster did you do this? I answered, Me? With these claws?

2015 08 15_canonps_3572
Come closer human, these claws you think could do that?!?

2015 08 15_canonps_3575
I admit nothing. To underscore my innocence, I snoozed next to it in front of the human.

2015 08 15_canonps_3576
Emma who was sitting pretty on her blue big pillow perch said, I SEE NOTHING, I HEAR NOTHING, I SAY NOTHING!

The end.


  1. Oh, it is obvious that this is the work of that nefarious NOKITTY!

  2. Naw I can never believe that you should be guity to that hole , Buster !!


  3. Well, I'm pretty sure it wasn't me either!

  4. YOU two have it down PAT! I believe everything you say!

  5. Good job on the denial! I never use anything nice and pretty on my bed. Jenna's claws can do a number, too :(

  6. I think your human made that hole and tried to blame you!! Shame on your human!

  7. Must have been those "not me" gremlins.

  8. Now why would your human accuse you of such a thing, Buster, especially since Emma was right there, too. Any cat can see that was the work of the nefarious Not Me. ;)

  9. I am sure neither of you would do that- clearly you have moths.

  10. Hahaha ! Of course you are innocent, I just see it in your face !

  11. You both look totally innocent to us. We think an intruder must have snuck in your house and done that! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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