This is Why They Don't Buy Us Toys Anymore!

Or gadgets. Or stuffs. From the pet store.

You all have this contraption don't you? The humans finally got this for us when it went on sale. They have not seen any of us use it.

What do we use? See for yourself:

2016 11 27_canonpws_1978

2016 11 27_canonpws_1980

2016 11 27_canonpws_1981

We like home made toys so we don't mind if the humans spend money on treats and more treats instead of toys and gadgets!


  1. That is so true, homemade toys are just the best!

  2. We don't have one of those things but we have plenty of other toys and stuff we never use.

  3. Some of us had one of those once. We were scared of it. We *do* have one of those refrigerator brushes, though--we wonder if we could get some use out of ours!

  4. If it works, it works! I can't imagine that contraption being of any interest, although I hear my human's dad's cat Smokey likes hers (it was a gift from a lady who lived in his assisted living facility).

  5. lmao! I never bought the first one, but I love how you made your own on the second one lol. BTW Laila and Minchie have the first one and LOVE it! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Homemade toys are made with love which is why they're better!

  7. Hoje pela manhã eu vi uma engenhoca dessas em um pet shop e pensei em comprar para os
    meus gatos, eu achei que eles adorariam. Mas talvez eles também prefiram algo caseiro.
    Emma e Buster, obrigada pela dica.

  8. Hate to say it....but the same rule applies for kids as well :o


  9. You two, momma bought ME that contraption and it wasn't even on sale. It was barely able to stay in its holes in each end in the wood. It kept falling over if I touched it. Instead of manufacturing it right, they expected the consumers mommy and daddy to apply glue or other nostrums to make it stick! I like your idea there. Was is that gadget? xoxo

  10. that looks like it would work way better than the original configuration.


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