Throwback Tuesday

MOL! In the past, I always guard mama when she does her business. Nowadays, I never go inside anymore. Well, except when she's in there for way too long (she's doing all her social media thingy there) and I barge in. I mean barge in. I'm tiny and petite, but wait until you see me push a door open, you'd think a human did it.


  1. Funny enough, none of us are that interested in what my human does in the bathroom! Unless she is changing our litter boxes - then we are definitely interested!

  2. Portas fechadas deveriam ser proibidas em uma casa com gatos, certo Emma?

  3. Good job door pushing sweet girl!

  4. Emma, Caroline does the same thing, but only if Mom is in *our* bathroom!

  5. MOL! Moosey used to be quite the door opener, too, Emma!


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