In this house, Buster is known to be the food thief. He is known to partake of Emma's food bowl when she's not around. Turnabout is fair play Emma says so she steals from Buster bowl while Buster watches.

Emma: Hmmmm, what is this that smells so good?

Emma: Don't mind if I have some.

This is an old photo taken before Buster had his pee problem, hence you see his bowl filled to the brim. Does not happen anymore. The bowl is almost always empty now, it gets the recommended amount during meal time.


  1. Empty bowls aren't overly fun!

  2. Looks like a fair deal to me. Buster I’m glad you got your pee problem resolved buddy.

  3. Sort of like “the grass is greener on the other side” except this is food. :)

  4. Izzy is the little vacuum here. Must be an orange thing.

  5. Ava and Gracie are actually pretty good about respecting each other's food bowls. But we've had opportunistic eaters in the past, for sure!

  6. We all get teh same stuff in three bowls, but we all have out special places


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