Wordless Wednesday

We will be a bit wordy today.

Hiya folks! We were on silent mode for the last week or so. Our humans abandoned us for a much-needed Hawaii break. Thankfully they were not caught in the lava flow, although they spotted the crater spewing lava when they went to visit the volcano at 1 am on (technically) Tuesday last week. They visited it on Monday last week, but the crater was covered by thick fog. Mom also felt the ground tremble when they were at the observation deck, but she didn't say anything.

Also, while there they visited a former colleague of catpapa who's spending his retirement years farming. The farm was really nice and expansive and the beautiful house overlooks the water. However, when our humans texted them while on another island (the humans flew out the day the volcano erupted) to check up on them, the friends have evacuated in Kona (they live in Hilo). In Hilo is where the humans stayed while in Hawaii too.

Purrayers to our Aloha brofurs and sisfurs and their humans.



  1. What a luck, that not bad has happened and your humans are back!

  2. That is so scary, what is happening with that volcano, and I'm sending lots of purrs to the Hawaiians who live in the area.

  3. I know you're glad your folks are back! Scary

  4. Purrs to all Hawaiians, we have pals over there too. I'm sure your homecoming was lots of fun!

  5. That is so cool that your folks were there. I am glad they are safe at home now.

  6. Sounds almost too exciting, glad everyone is safe and you humans are home now :)
    Have a great week, purr.

  7. it is breaking my heart to watch the devastation that is taking place in Hawaii ...(Kauai had horrendous flooding just a week or so before that) I am glad you got out of there safe and sound and that your friends are safe. The Hawaiian Islands are a special, special place and I pray things settle down for all soon. catchatwithcarenandcody

  8. Those lava vents sure are frightening! Who knows when it will stop. We hope everybody there is (and stays) safe.

    Oh, and nice to see you, Buster!

  9. We are purring for all those affected by the lava flows...it is so scary to see. We’re glad your humans are safely home now.

  10. It's nice to see you, handsome Buster. We are glad your mom and dad are safe, but we are very sad about that scary lava. We are purring for your dad's former colleague, and for all in the way of that alva flow.

  11. Glad to hear that the humans visit to the island was 'un-eventful'. I am hearing that the conditions there may worsen! Let's hope for the best.



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