Mancat Monday

I know this is Mancat Monday, but lemme show you Friday evening. As I was welcoming dad home, I saw mom walking up the driveway and taking photos of me. These are the photos I want to share today.



I always wait by the door for my humans. Emma waits for them by the stairs (did you see her?). What about you kitties?


  1. We don't greet the humans here! We just show up when we feel like it.

  2. You are a handsome guy and, of course, I see Emma in the background.
    It's a joy, when humans are coming home and it's some more joy, when they are fare away from it ;)

  3. Good job! We are often greeters too!

  4. These are such adorable photos. Buster, you are such a great kitty to be waiting by the door. Emma, we have to scroll back up to see your sweet face looking down from top of the stairs. Love these photos. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  5. Each of our cats has a different routine. Lugosi greets me (Mom) in the bathroom every morning and before bed. Bela knows watches out the windows for my son (Richard) and runs to the door when she sees him coming. Mina sits on the table and meows at him when he comes in. Felix and Lugosi sometimes come to the door, but not always. And the babies, Archie and Rosebud, are only 3 months old and are just learning about greeting us. But they both run in the kitchen when I come downstairs in the morning, and whenever they hear Richard getting ice out of the freezer. Ice cubes are their favorite toys! I end up with puddles in odd places.

  6. Marie often waits for me in the recliner chair by the front door. Jenna waits wherever she happens to be sleeping the time :)

  7. How sweet of you, Buster! Long before any of us, Mom had a girl cat who would watch for her from the window and then meet her at the door. Some of us might see her through the window but only because we happen to be sunning. We don't greet her. We've trained her to greet us.

    P.S. We see you, Emma!

  8. Buster, I always run to the door when I hear the mom coming home. I can’t wait to see her! ~Wally

  9. I greet Momma about 95% of the time at the door. I know her car and of course the sound of the key in the door. I love seeing your family, Emma and Buster. Mom showed herself on her own bloggie last week and some other family photos were what I, Katie chose, on my blog yesterday.


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