Man/Cat Monday

Mama took a picture of Me and catpapa relaxing this weekend.  We have a father and son bond that is very strong.  I love mama but somehow papa is my primary care provider.  Probably because he's the one that picked me from the shelter.  I love my papa and he loves me.


  1. DOOD....TOTAL LEE AWESUMEST FOTO EVER !!!!! 984 PAWZ UP... TIMEZ 984 :) ♥♥♥

  2. We sure can see the love and happy smiles too!

  3. That is just so sweet. Buster, you are a very lucky boy!

  4. Oh this is so insanely adorable! I'm a sucker for gingers and this baby boy reminds me of my long term guest cat, Dexter, and now I'm all verklempt. You two are just the sweetest thing and both so handsome.


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