Tuxie Tuesday

Hi y'all!

Sorry about the video from yesterday. Mama cannot figure out what she's doing wrong that the video won't play on blogspot. Anyway, thanks to those who went to Flick'r to see it.

Well, it looks like we are getting some heat here. We are expected to reach a high of 84F today.

This is the window in the walk-in closet/bathroom. There is the ugly scratch on the wall that the humans have not fixed. The wall gets scratched each time we jumped to the window sill to watch the birds. Across from this window are trees with lots of birds, so you can say this is one of the primo spots in the house for bird tv, and today I got it.


  1. That looks like a very nice window for watching, Emma!

  2. That is an excellent lookout spot!

  3. That's an awesome vantage point, Emma!

  4. I bet that's a great spot for birdie watching!

  5. Emma, what a good spot and mom too would let the wall go. Unless she fixed it and added a few "steps" for you.

  6. emma.....uh......mite we make a suggestshunz .......PLEEZ WATCH A NOTHER CHANNELZ !!



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