Thankful Thursday

As you all know I have been dealing with my diabetes for a few months now. I've been going to the vet for observation and for vet to do a glucose curve. I've gone a few times and each time, she adjusted the dosage of my insulin. A month ago, she scaled back the dosage and asked if the humans can take me back in 2 weeks. But for some reason, I returned today.

Kitties, good news, my glucose levels are very good throughout the day I was at the vet. When mom phoned the vet to ask if she could pick me up (she just got out of work) the vet was so complementary to my good behaviour. She said I was a sweetheart and everyone at the clinic adored me and my sweet disposition. And above all, I don't get to go again soon. Three to six months time is when I get to see her.

However, while they were on the phone, the mom told on me. I gained weight, but I was near normal in my behaviour, so the vet asked the human what I was eating. So Judas here (da mom) told the vet that I don't eat my diabetic wet food, or the diabetic dry food. I eat high protein dry food and Fancy Feast and Friskies wet food. Again, the vet wanted me to eat only the prescribed food. Mom said I won't eat those - EVER - so they compromised. I can eat the high protein dry food, but only 1/3 cup 2x a day.

So hopefully, tomorrow after work, mom can start visiting your blogs. I missed you all.


  1. I'm glad you got a good vet report, and that the vet compromised on your food (I hear that prescription diet is yucky anyhow). I hope it all works for you!

  2. That is terrific news Buster, really terrific. Our Sister Zoe ate nothing but Fancy Feast Classic and has been in remission for 2 years now. We're so happy you're doing well. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. dood......thiz iz awesum nooze !! ☺☺☺ we haz known lotz oh palz that never paid a ten shunz ta ther diet....frank lee we say; if yur gonna spend moneez on foodz that we will eat; grate; if yur gonna spendz cash on foodz we willna eat... N it goez ta de dis poze all...happee day ta de dis poze all ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥♥

  4. Buster that is GREAT news that you are doing so well! I am glad you reached a compromise with the food too. And...we are not ONE BIT surprised that you are a total sweetheart at the Vet, you are a GREAT KITTY! xoxo

  5. Great news, Buster! And we don't blame you for not wanting to eat your prescription food. We hope the compromise is good.

  6. Of course you were good at the vet. You are a ginger tabby, and we have the best personalities. Now as to not eating your prescribed food, we sure understand about that. But it does sound like you had a good report with regard to your diabetes, and that is what counts! Sending head bonks from your ginger pal, Cooper Murphy


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