Mama is Thankful; We Are Not!!!!

Do you see that? No, you don't????

No one can see it! Someone took away our carpet art/mural/graffiti made of yak.

Mama said she's tired of looking at that "dirty spot" on the floor, so she called the professionals.

They came last Saturday with some big ass gadget that shampoos and sucks our work of art.

No matter what I do, every angle I look at it - it's gone. My work of yak is gone!

Worry not kitties, the joke is on the mom.

Emma and I are just brainstorming on the design of our new carpet art.

Stay tuned.


  1. Mean ol' mom here sitting with me is smiling because two years ago, she did the same thing She knows how your mom feels but I, Katie totally understand your feelings in the matter! Maybe they can learn to appreciate our efforts!!!

  2. Buster, be grateful your mom doesn't *own* one of those machines, else your artwork could be destroyed on a regular basis! We know our mom is getting ready to do the same with ours.

  3. I think you'll be decorating in no time!!!

  4. MOL, I bet you are working on your next art project there!

  5. That happened here too. We know you’ll both create some new art soon.

  6. I am sure you two will come up with something. :)

  7. We are sure you'll come up with some more excellent art, Emma and Buster!


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