Mancat Monday

I have been doing a lot of this the past week (this is an old photo), because even though the weatherman says it's going to be hot it was not. Well perhaps it was hot outside under the sun, but we had major wind presence the whole week. The plants and trees are rocking and rolling to the breeze and it had brought colder temps too.

I would like to report that I have been enjoying my human's WFH situation. I've trained the mom person very well. The bedroom is her office (the dad gets the dining table/room as office) while she does her work. At around 9-10 am, I meow at her and she gives me brushies, then we play red dot. Afterwards I eat whatever is left on my bowl. Before she can catch her breath, I'm meowing at her feet again. You know what I want her to do now? Well she is trained to carry me to the bed (it's high). I can jump to the bed, but I won't. Once in bed, I nap until around 4 pm. Once I'm up from my nap, I meow to let her know I'm awake and I need all her attention.

I overheard my catdad tell the mom that I'm getting too spoiled. By the way, since they shelter in place I've gotten extremely close to my catmom.


  1. I dunno, sounds like a great routine to me!

  2. I'll bet you're a good WFH helper Buster!

  3. dood.....we think itz awesum how ewe haz yur peepulz traned; N we think itz awesum ya
    haz grown clozer ta yur mom =^..^= ♥♥♥☺☺

  4. Happy Mancat Monday!! We just love reading your routine during work days. We are laughing at we do the same with our fur babies at home when we have to pick them up into bed but they are capable of jumping up. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  5. Buster...I swear, can you look any more snuggable and smoochable!

  6. Sounds like you have her trained quite well. You deserve to be spoiled.

  7. Thanks so much for coming to my birthday party. Hope you had fun and got some good noms
    Toby Tomcat


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