Orange Wednesday

You must have all heard about the apocalyptic Orange Wednesday we had here in the Bay Area. It was scary, eerie, unsettling. Not to mention it was raining ashes too from all the wildfires. Buster got confused and demanded dinner at 4 pm. The neighbors' dogs kept barking (we very rarely hear the barks) in the morning.

Here are from the backyard at 8 am when the mom was getting ready for work.

No filters on these.

At around noon, mom went outside to check again. The orange gloom has gone. But it had an eerie feel to it just the same.

The front yard at noon.

It remained dark all day. The lights were on all day. Today it's gloomy and dark too, but without the orange glow.


  1. That's awful and awfully scary. Y'all keep safe.

  2. guyz....we hope thoz firez go out an stay out; that HAZ ta bee veree troubling.....we R sure de wildlife iz confuzed two :( veree veree sad.... ♥♥♥♥♥ stay safe ~~~~ ♥♥♥

  3. We are so worried about all of you on the West Coast. Purring you all stay safe.

  4. Oh my gosh, guys, it is soooooo weird! I did not even know what the heck was happening yesterday! I kept sleeping and when I waked up I looked and it still looked like nighttime to me, so I went back to sleep. I did not like it at all. Today was better, but the sky was still kind of yellow, and the air quality reading was/is in the purple "very unhealthy" range. Scary times, my furiends! Keep safe XOXO

  5. I am very troubled for all of you in that part of CA. This is the worst ever I think. The death, misery and devastation is unthinkable.

  6. That is scary. I pray you stay safe. XO

  7. Ugh. That is so scary. My mom lives in Alameda, and says it's just horrible. Please stay safe, sweet friends.


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