Hello Other Cat

Mama wants to share this one that she posted on IG of our backyard visitor. Somehow, he reminded him of Mr. Puddy who used to be visitor to his now humans. We thank him for letting mom get a tad closer to him to get his photo. We're assigning his gender just because. Hope you are all doing fine. California is back to strict restrictions again. Hope people will now listen to the authorities and obey distancing and mask up and not congregate in groups.


  1. He sure is a very handsome dude!

  2. emma and buster; look how hiz coat shinez !!! wavez two ewe naybor
    oh emma and buster; hope ewe haza grate pie day !! de viruz iz mor
    crazed heer than it waz bak in de spring....yur mom iz rite....peepul..
    LISTEN ~~~~

    if we dinna say sew bee for...yur gardin iz AWESUM !!!!! :) ♥♥♥

  3. Wow, look how shiny Other Cat's furs are in the sun! Sorry to hear about the restrictions. Our numbers are going up, too. We may be restricted soon, as well. :(


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