Sunday Selfie

Mama is in the process of upgrading her phone, which means she has to transfer everything on the old phone to the new one. In the course of learning how to do this, she got sidetracked by her camera roll. Voila, she ended up just looking at old photos of kitties. Here's one of them.

P. S. Mama has the new phone for one month now and it's still in the box. Talk about procrastination.


  1. That kitty looks surprised that your mama took its picture. We hope she gets her new phone set up soon. That is some serious delayed gratification!

  2. Let's find that kitty and give him a good brushie!

  3. Pretty! Handsome! Come, come kitty, kitty ... out of the old phone into the new, you are a keeper!

  4. That's a pretty cute kitty! Bet that phone would work better outta the box MOL!

  5. Lovely picture, I wonder who that fine tux is? As to the phone, well at least it cant be running up a bill if it's in a box! MOL


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