Mama met the neighbors

Our human woman made the decision to beat the bulge for 2022. In fairness, this once couch potato has managed to shed 33 pounds so far on her way to a weight loss goal of 50 pounds. She has made so much adjustment to her diet, but since May she decided to start moving her butt off the couch and slowly but surely reach her 10,000 steps daily. Her daily walks are met with enthusiasm now, good for her. Last week, she met these three cutie pies who live (she guessed) on the block behind us. Aren't they cute? She couldn't get a closer look so she zoomed her phone, but it's a little blurry. She'll try again next time.


  1. It's nice to see those kitty neighbors and hooray for your Mom!

  2. You have some nice neighbors! Congrats to your mama on her weight loss!

  3. Kudos to your Peep! Our Mom walks Cinnamon a couple of times a day and the shes (Mom and Cinnamon) know all the neighbouring cats, dogs, chickens and deer (as well as the Peeps). it is nice to get out and about. Purrs Marv

  4. Good for Cat Mama, taking charge of her health like that! And the neighbors sure look nice. :)


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