Friday, August 19, 2011

Breaking News!

Extra! Extra! This just came in. Buster and Emma are prominently featured in mama's meme blog. We're in this week's entry for PHOTO HUNT.

You wanna see us getting fur time in blog other than this?

Click HERE.

See you there. Wow, we're getting famous :=) ~ just kidding!~


  1. We've been and seen you on the other bloggie - can we have your pawtographs purrlease.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. I saw you! Looking good, you two!

  3. We checked it out! Pretty cute stuff. I like to drink from a coffee mug. MY coffee mug. Thanks fur stopping by my blog. Purrs from Prancer Pie

  4. My human has never allowed us to drink from any human cups - SO not fair!

  5. Those are cute photos of Emma and Buster drinking from the yellow cup. Cosmo and Ling have several drink stations but love especially the one in a drinking glass on my desk. :)

  6. OMC! You kids are FAMOUS now!

    Still, I think your Humans should replace that plastic glass with a nice crystal goblet which would be more suitable to your lofty status as Cats.

  7. All cats are box lovers ! Mine too, as soon as they can put their paws on a box there are in it !
    Playing with a rubber glove I haven't seen here yet, but Arthur used to steal the neighbor's dogs toys far to big for him !