Friday, August 9, 2013

To make up for lost time

Mama is going to the doctor in a short while (nothing serious, just needed regular shots, hehehe she's going to the human vet for shots MOL)and they just arrived last night from the 2-week abandonment of kitties. In order to make up for lost time, we are posting a lot of pictures today.

Mama has lavender plants in her garden. She loves them. She hasn't found a good use for them except to dry the stalks and the blooms.

A month ago, she cut some flowers and tried to see how they'd fare as cut flowers (not for drying). Buster just had to inspect the merchandise before it goes on the floor for display you know.

2013_06_11 052
Vase left on the bench while mama closes door.

2013_06_11 053
Buster jumped to the bench and smelled something violety.

2013_06_11 054
Buster faced the camera and confirmed his suspicion.

2013_06_11 055
Could the smell be coming from the floor? Does it need more sweeping?

2013_06_11 056
Maybe the smells here on the bench.

2013_06_11 057
Ooops! What the heck is this thing?

2013_06_11 058
Smells wonderful here.

2013_06_11 059
Mama I give my seal of approval. Go put this on the table so everyone can see and smell it.-


  1. Buster you are enjoying the smells.

  2. The lavender is so pretty! Our human used to have some in her garden years ago, with emphasis on "used to." LOL.

  3. Oh Buster you made me laugh!

  4. Buster, I wish WE had some in our garden. Momma loves Lavender. Xxoo

  5. Those flowers sure are pretty! I hope Mom didn't cry all the way to the human vet!

  6. Those sure are some pretty flowers, Buster! We hope your mom's visit to the human vet went well!

  7. For a moment there, I did not think it was going to pass your inspection!

  8. We cannot have lavender in the house. it makes our mama sneeze!

  9. Where's the picture where he knocked it over????

    Hey, guess what? The Human and her friend went for a walk at the Albany Bulb today. We think you guys might know where that know, with all the "art" and all?!

  10. We LOVED your Mom's pictures! I think a lot of the pieces are gone now--but there's other stuff. We'll probably do a post on it in the next week or two ;-)

  11. Did you eat them once the camera was gone??

  12. Lavender relaxes you, Buster!! It should help you nap!! mol

  13. I held my breath--I figured the lavender would be knocked over ;)