Mancat Monday

Last year when my baby Emma was suffering from urinary problems, she was having a tough time dealing with the pain. We found her to be more and more solitary. She finally found a place where she could be alone, away from her brofur Buster's unwanted company. She found the top of the closet in the master's bedroom. We were dumbfounded how Emma could reach up there. Halfway between the ceiling and the floor is a small window with a little window sill where Emma does her bird watching. We reckoned she used that to boost herself (her tiny self) from that platform to get to the top of the closet.

When her pain was gone, she was never seen in that spot again.

But the ever curious, ever envious little brofur Buster would like to know what was up there and why was Emma up there and he wasn't? We came back from an errand one day and was surprised that Buster didn't meet us at the door. We were afraid that he got locked in a bedroom, in the garage or worst case scenario managed to pry open the screen door in the backyard and got out.

We continued to call out his name and opened every door and cabinet, but he was nowhere. We went in the backyard and called out his name, but other cats came, not him.

Then we went in the closet to change and he was up there. How he got there I have no clue. At that time, it was a mystery. He was heavy, big boned and meaty and leaping from the window sill to the top of the closet wasn't feasible, we thought.

Then one day I was working in the computer and I heard a rampaging Buster running so hard so fast from the hallway into the bedroom all the way to the closet and when I came to investigate, he was on top of the closet. That's how he did it, he needed the boost from running fast.

We discourage this behaviour of course. He was able to come down by jumping onto the ironing board and knocking everything in sight.

(P.S. pardon the mess.)


  1. You are so funny Buster, fooled them!!!

  2. Buster when there is a will there is always a way!

  3. We wanna know where he stores his WINGS!

  4. Now THAT is impressive of BOTH of them. Mom said if anykitty of hers ever could do that, it would be me but no..I stay no more than half way up the wall. MOL.

  5. Wow, Buster! We're impressed that you got all the way up there!

  6. We just got a "mental image" of Buster, tearing down a hallway to gain momentum. It was hilarious!

    Happy Tuesday, kittehz!

  7. Mommy is laughing and laughing just thinking of Buster running hard down the hallway! What a sight it must have been. :)

  8. Buster sounds very determined and intelligent to figure out how to get his big body up so high. We tried to watch the video but it won't play for us.

  9. OMD, er OMC!
    Ya did it!
    I can't jump up that high.
    And even if I did, how will I ever go down?

  10. I would think he woulda BONKED his little headdy on the ceiling! Silly boy ;-)

  11. heehee, that's pretty clever! But kitties are like that.


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