Chilling on Sunday

2013_04_14 007

It's much hotter here than the 86F that the temperature says it is, so I'm just chilling. Won't even want to spend energy in blogging so much. So kittehs, enjoy the rest of the Sunday.


  1. Emma you look very cozy in your nice warm sun spot.

  2. I hope you both have a chillaxin good time!

  3. Nothing wrong with relaxing, Emma! We are admiring you long curb-feeler whiskers, you know, the ones that grow out of our cheeks! Yours are quite elegant.

  4. That's what we were thinking too! Much hotter than what the thermometer says. Keep chillaxing, Emma! XOXO

  5. YOu look so pretty and so comfy dearest girl. xox


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