Mancat Monday

Yoga session with Buster.

2013_03_16 003
Step 1

2013_03_16 005
Step 2

2013_03_16 006
Step 3

2013_03_16 008
Step 4

Repeat 3 more times, followed by a 3-hour nap!

Happy Monday kittehs!


  1. Our human wants to try your yoga pose, Buster! Purrs!

  2. Excellent, Buster! But could we just skip the workout and go straight to the nap?

  3. We kitties are so much more accomplished at yoga than humans are!

  4. Hahaha! We like the progression to Step 4! But we think we'll skip right to the 3 hour nap. MOL.

  5. We need to practice the last part and get on to the nap!

  6. Yep, I will start with the nap too!

  7. Thanks,for coming by my blog yesterday

  8. Ah yes Buster you showed us all how to do the yoga stretches right!

  9. Hi Kitties! So very nice to meet you! We looked around and liked what we saw too, especially such handsome kitties. We've seen you around, but somehow the mom thought your blog was about two bulldogs. OMC! Do you see what we put up with here!? Feel free to give her a few scratches if you like! Purrs!

  10. That looks like some advanced moves, Buster.

  11. We're exhausted just looking at your Yoga workout, Buster. WE could use a 3-hour nap now!

  12. Oh, I am tired all over again. I just did MY yoga. Looking at yours just sent me into the bed for a refreshing nap.


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